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ESAComp 4.6 - What's new?esacomp-46-panel

April 5/6/11, 2017

Presenters: Harri Katajisto & André Mönicke, Componeering Inc. 

Join this free live webinar to get an overview to the new capabilities of ESAComp 4.6, including:

  • Python scripting for batch runs and for creating user extensions
  • Enhanced panel analysis with shell modeled stiffeners
  • Structural analysis of thick-walled pressure vessels with solid FE modelling from winding patterns imported from Composicad filament winding simulation
  • For HyperWorks users, an integrated solution for pre- and post-processing of composite structures, allowing ply-by-ply investigation of failure modes using advanced failure criteria
  • Read more about ESAComp 4.6...

Thanks for joining the live webinar. The webinar recording is now available.