Recorded webinars


Altair PartnerAlliance 142x130ESAComp Virtual Training  

  • Learn the basics of ESAComp and how to utilize it together with HyperWorks by viewing this training webinar hosted by Altair Engineering
  • Webinar length: appr. 2 h
  • Aimed to those using or interested in using ESAComp through Altair Partner Alliance, but general enough for anyone interested in learning about ESAComp
  • Course outline
    • Search for the most suitable materials from ESAComp Data Bank
    • Evaluate the performance of laminates regarding stiffness, hygrothermal stability and strength requirements
    • Perform load response and failure analysis of structural elements, such as stiffened panels
    • Integrate ESAComp into the design process:
      • Transfer material data and lay-ups
      • Post-process finite element data imported from HyperWorks
      • Visualize ESAComp results in HyperView

 View the webinar recording! (on Altair site)