ESAComp Overview

Why use ESAComp?


ESAComp allows you to

  • Explore possibilities. The possibilities for combining composite material systems and structural concepts are limitless. The ESAComp Data Bank gives a good basis for trying potential materials for a design. The analysis capabilities of ESAComp allow performing trade-off studies, for instance, between the use of solid laminates, sandwich panels or stiffened panels.
  • Be efficient. Use the right tool for the different phases of the project. The FE environment is not ideal for laminate level studies or lay-up design. In the early phases of a project (e.g. order acquisition or concept design), the structural elements of ESAComp allow fast analysis without a full geometric model.
  • Avoid pitfalls. Designing with composites is a challenge. For instance, a potential failure mode can be missed easily without a careful assessment of the structure. ESAComp complements the capabilities of FE tools in doing this. Advanced ESAComp capabilities like the probabilistic analysis may come handy in verifying the real performance of the design.
  • Optimize your design. Besides the user environment that allows practical hands-on optimization of designs, ESAComp integrates as part of more complex optimization systems involving optimization and FE software.
  • Learn about composites. ESAComp with its documentation helps structural engineers with limited composites experience to get familiar with the topic. At the same time, ESAComp goes in-depth in a way that allows even composites experts to learn new.