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ESAComp is software for analysis and design of composites. Its scope ranges from conceptual and preliminary design of layered composite structures to analyses of details.

NAFEMS Seminar: Simulation & Analysis for Modern Composite Applications


NAFEMS Benelux Seminar1st NAFEMS Benelux Seminar: "Simulation & Analysis for Modern Composite Applications", Maastricht, Netherlands, Dec. 11, 2013. Componeering takes part in the NAFEMS Composites Working Group activities, which include a recent survey into the common practices and issues related to the analysis of structures made from composite materials. In response to the survey results, NAFEMS is organizing this seminar, which brings together experienced practitioners in composites analysis, offering insight into the best approaches for obtaining and validating composites material properties, selecting and using appropriate failure criteria, and establishing robust analysis approaches for modern composites design. The seminar program includes Componeering presentation "Using Experimental Test Data in the Analysis of Laminated Structures". See you in Maastricht!