RUAG solar orbiter
Door Durround Panel

ESAComp is software for analysis and design of composites. Its scope ranges from conceptual and preliminary design of layered composite structures to analyses of details.

Webinar: Delivering Enhanced Workflow for Advanced Sizing of Composite Structures


RUAG Space SatelliteTuesday, January 26 at 10:00 am EST (16:00 CST) The webinar provides a short overview on capabilities of ESAComp. Some general challenges of composite structures design will be presented along with how these can be tackled using the ESAComp-HyperWorks integration, which extends existing composite specific post-processing capabilities of HyperWorks. A use case from aerospace industry will be used to illustrate typical customer demands and how these have been met by the joint effort of Altair and Componeering. View webinar recording!