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ESAComp is software for analysis and design of composites. Its scope ranges from conceptual and preliminary design of layered composite structures to analyses of details.

Learn about ESAComp at the Buckling Conference


Buckling ConferenceThe 3rd Int. Conference on Buckling and Postbuckling Behaviour of Composite Laminated Shell Structures will take place in Braunschweig, Germany on March 25-27, 2015. Hear about the latest developments in this field from the leading experts and learn about related ESAComp capabilities in the adjacent workshop. 


Design-optimization of cylindrical composite structures in preliminary design

It is not always obvious which structural concept will perform best. This is also true for space structures, such as cylindrical shells. The design typically involves trade-offs between material selection, thickness of the layer, orientation of the layers, and the stacking sequence. Sandwich structures may provide the optimum solution in some applications. Also, stiffened structures are widely used (see Figures 1 and 2). Finding the right concept early in the design process leaves resources for the detailed design.



Figure 1. Buckling of a cylinder with ring stiffeners


Finding the right concept from the large design space is not possible without appropriate tools and methods. Componeering together with Astrium Space Transportation have performed the Design-Optimization of Cylindrical, Layered Composite Structures for a launcher application. The study is described in detailed in [1].

The project has been realized by combining ESAComp with a design optimization and process integration software. Generally optimization aims to the selection of the best, or a set of best suited designs, with respect to one or more objectives and a set of constraints. In this application, the goal of the optimization was to minimize the weight of the cylinder while meeting the constraints related to the stability and laminate strength.



Figure 2. Buckling of a cylinder with axial stiffeners


The upcoming Buckling Conference organized by DLR gathers people involved with the latest achievements in the buckling, postbuckling and collapse of shell structures. The above article and our previous blog articles highlight how ESAComp handles e.g. the structural optimization and the influence of imperfections. ESAComp is a fast tool proving quick and clean solutions for various shell-type structures under different loading conditions cost-effectively. The state-of-the art failure criteria for the first ply failure analysis are included. Please visit our stand at the Workshop to learn more!


[1] Proceedings of the 12th European Conference on Spacecraft Structures, Materials & Environmental Testing, SP-691, ISBN : 978-92-9092-255-1